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Thu Sep 2 10:56:03 MDT 2010

Christian Tismer wrote:
>  Hi Stephan, John,
> I've been lurking around on possibilities to make Wing tighter
> integrated with OS X.
> First I thought to port it to wxPython, but that is probably
> a big undertaking and also diversifies your project too much.
> Then I found the GTK-OSX project, which is already used by some
> projects like Gimp for instance.
> http://gtk-osx.sourceforge.net/
> I have not further tested it yet, but would like to give it a try.
> Do you see principle problems or did you try it before?
> Please let me know if it is worth the effort. I would contribute
> the work, given that there is a chance to get accepted.


We tried compiling against GTK-OSX twice, once quite some time ago and 
once a month or two ago.  The most recent attempt was a bit 
discouraging.  Basic drawing was completely broken, probably due to a 
change in the main GTK project that altered how coordinates were set up 
w/o anyone tracking this change in GTK-OSX.

While we did put a lot amount of work into GTK in the fairly distant 
past (mostly on Windows) we came to realize some years back that we 
really need to be just users of the GUI toolkit and not also developing 
it.  Wing is complex enough as it is and we need something that works 
better on all OSes without us hacking on it first.  It's OK now for X11 
and Windows but I fear that GTK-OSX would be another huge time sink as 
was GTK on Windows in the early days.  It's one thing to get Wing 
running under it and quite another to fix countless problems that crop 
up afterwards and/or to fill in missing functionality needed for it to 
be a reasonably polished commercial product.

Something like PyQt or wxPython would bring other benefits -- better 
html display capability, some better widgets, and probably nicer overall 
cross-platform support.  We've tended to lean towards PyQt so far, but 
this is all still pie in the sky.  Nothing would be decided without 
considerable further tests and we're not doing anything further with 
this until after 4.0 final.

All that said, I think GTK-OSX deserves another look and we'ld happily 
provide the sources for Wing and support if you want to try it.  Contact 
us privately at support at wingware.com if you want to arrange that.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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