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Wed Sep 1 09:28:56 MDT 2010

Mitchell L Model wrote:
> Lately I've been itching for a terminal tool -- an OS shell like the Python shell tool. This is not the same thing as OS Commands, which is much more rigid and serves other purposes. Yes, I can switch to an xterm window or the OS-X Terminal app, but for some reason I am currently finding that inconvenient. Shouldn't be a big deal, right?

On Linux and OS X, a simple terminal can be had in the OS Commands tool 
with the command "bash -norc" and with pseudo-tty and line mode options 

This does not implement all the possible character and color control 
codes in terminals so things like using bash-provided tab completion or 
colors won't work.

Actually, tab completion doesn't work in line mode because I/O is only 
in units of whole lines and the tab character is not being sent to bash, 
but turning that off doesn't work well either due to the lack of 
terminal control codes.

Adding support for full terminal emulation would I suspect be a fairly 
big effort.  It's somewhere on our endless list of such things, however, 
and maybe just the cursor movement codes wouldn't be that hard to add.


Stephan Deibel
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