[wingide-users] Setup script for python shell (or debug probe)?

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Wed Sep 1 08:11:07 MDT 2010

Russell Warren wrote:
> Is there a way to create a setup script for Wing's python shell that 
> is executed on each launch?
> For example, I end up typing "from pprint import pprint" many times in 
> the day, and I'd like it to be always imported in the shell.  Even 
> better would be to have it always imported in the Debug Probe, 
> although that clearly could have some contamination issues.
> If not possible, it would be a nice feature, and not just for giving 
> me my sweet pprint.

The shell respects the Python standard for PYTHONSTARTUP environment 
variable, so that would be a way to do this.

For the debug probe, you could write a script and bind it to a key.  The 
script would be something like this:

import config
import wingapi

def setup_debug_probe():
  app = wingapi.gApplication
  txt = "x = 1"  # Really may want to read this from /path/to/startupfile.py
  view = app.fSingletons.fGuiMgr.ShowPanel(config.kDebugProbePanel)
  if view is None:
    return None
  msg = 'Setting up debug probe' # Can be blank
  dirname = app.GetStartingDirectory() # Set current directory to this 
while executing
  restart = False  # N/A here
  filename = '/path/to/startupfile.py'  # Or <string> if not read from a 
  firstline = 0  # Not zero only if reading from line > 0 in filename
  scopename = ''  # Not needed here
  view._Evaluate(txt, msg, dirname, restart, filename, firstline, scopename)
This reaches through the API and I'll try to add more API in the future 
to avoid that.

Please let me know if that does not help.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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