[wingide-users] Native OSX GUI

Chaiwat Suttipongsakul cwt at bashell.com
Fri Oct 22 09:25:50 MDT 2010

Is there any chance that Wing IDE 4.x will support the native OSX GUI (without X)?

I really want to upgrade my license from 2 OS 3.x to 3 OS 4.x because I'm going to change my development platform from Linux/Windows to Mac very soon, and I really hate to run Wing as an X11 application.

If there is any beta (even alpha) version of the native OSX GUI, I think many Wing IDE users in this community are willing to test it for you.

Another idea is that you cut down or open source the Wing IDE 101 (may be cut down it to Wing Editor?), I think we can help you to transform the X11 App to the native OSX, then you can merge the change of the GUI back to yours. This is a win-win situation.

Best Regards,

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