[wingide-users] Re: Tree view for Search in Files

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Oct 21 09:08:09 MDT 2010

These are good ideas.  Just a couple of things:

* You can have multiple search in files tools, just right click on a 
tool tab and insert a new search if files tool
* Uncheck Options -> Auto Restart Searches to disable refreshing the 
results after edits



On 10/20/10 7:13 PM, Jonathan March wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 5:31 PM, Jonathan March <JDM at marchray.net
> <mailto:JDM at marchray.net>> wrote:
>     While I'm going on about things I miss from Multi-Edit:
>     Search in Files results are presented as a tree view. The key thing
>     is that each dir and each file (the nodes of the view) can be
>     collapsed so that you don't have to look at any results that you
>     don't want to think about. Actually nodes and lines can even be
>     deleted from the view.
>     This makes it much easier to focus in on the results of interest.
>     Thanks.
> Forgot to mention... each search is a new tree (all in the same panel,
> at least as I have used it). You can collapse or delete an old search.
> ME's file searches are static, not self-refreshing like Wing's.
> So for performance, you might want the ability to freeze/pause a search
> even after it is finished if there are multiple search results open.
> BTW, another reason to be able to freeze a search after it is finished
> is that you may make edits to the found lines which means that they no
> longer are found, so they disappear from wing's search panel. But
> sometimes I want to go back and review those changes, and it helps to be
> able to find them quickly!

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