[wingide-users] Pythonpath and executable in wpu not wpr

Michael Foord michael at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Oct 21 05:15:18 MDT 2010

  Hello guys,

At work our workflow is to use bzr and launchpad with frequent branching 
for implementing new features. (Nice workflow by the way, particularly 
using the Launchpad merge reviews, I can recommend it.)

My hope was that by storing a wing project file in our repos it would 
avoid me having to re-configure wing for every new branch.

We use virtualenv, so relative to the project file (which lives in a 
'tools' subdirectory in the project) the Python executable is always 
../.env/bin/python. Similarly there are sensible relative paths 
available for the two paths I need to add to the PYTHONPATH.

*However*, both the Python executable and the custom PYTHONPATH settings 
are stored as absolute locations in the .wpu file. This means when I 
create a new branch I have to reconfigure.

The alternative approach is to activate the virtualenv from the command 
line and set the PYTHONPATH and then launch Wing from the command line. 
This means that when switching between branches / projects I have to 
close and relaunch Wing which is inconvenient.

My suggestion would be that if the PTYHONPATH / executable settings are 
"within the project" then they should be in the wpr as relative paths 
rather than in the wpu with absolute paths. (i.e. they are project 
settings not user settings.)

Or can you think of a better way that fits with our workflow?

All the best,

Michael Foord



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