[wingide-users] How to I make Python 2.6 the default for Wing

Michael Foord michael at voidspace.org.uk
Tue Oct 19 17:55:53 MDT 2010

  On 18/10/2010 17:26, Wing IDE Support wrote:
> On 10/18/10 11:48 AM, Curt Fiedler wrote:
>> I'm assuming that this has been asked and answered before, but I can't
>> find the answer. I use Python 2.6 because I use packages that have not
>> been ported to Python 3 yet - SciPy, MatPlotLib, etc. At this past
>> weeks PyMntos Meeting, we started to port a package from Python 2 to
>> Python 3. I would like to leave the Python 3 interpreter on my system
>> so that I can play with it, but contine to use Python 2.6 as the default
>> interpreter. How do I set up Wing to default to Python 2.6?
> You should set the Python Executable in Project Properties to the 
> executable for the Python version that you want to use for that project.

Whilst the feature is useful it is also a nuisance as it makes project 
files non-portable across platforms (where executables live in different 
locations). An alternative way to select Python version (using 
heuristics or looking in standard locations for the platform) would be nice.

Alternatively I may be doing it wrong... :-)


> Cheers,
> John
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