[wingide-users] WingIDE versus PyCharm, Komodo and PyDev

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Oct 15 10:14:35 MDT 2010

David Taylor wrote:
> +10 (I cheated). 
> In my 40+ years of working with software, this is by far the best technical
> support I have ever received. These guys not only respond in less than a day
> with excellent help and suggestions, they actively engage their customer
> base in the design of their product, so all of us can help shape the future
> of our most essential tool.
> It doesn't get much better than that. '-)

I'm really glad our approach to support and customer-driven development 
is resonating with people.  Since it's an IDE it's easy for us to apply 
principles like "eat your own dogfood" and since we're a small company 
it's natural that the developers also do the support.  But having had 
this experience I can only highly recommend the same approach, in some 
form, for all software regardless of whether extra effort is needed to 
do it that way.  Software is really hard to write (as I suspect you all 
know ;-) and users are incredibly diverse in their viewpoints and needs 
(as we have well found out) so it's really the only way to go to have 
the primary developers have direct attentive contact with users at least 
some of the time.

Thanks very much for all the positive feedback!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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