[wingide-users] WingIDE versus PyCharm, Komodo and PyDev

Dave Burkholder thinkwelldesigns at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 14:34:40 MDT 2010

I'm a rather green python developer primarily for small sysadmin projects.
So from that vantage point, here are some features I like about Pydev (via
Aptana), although I own a copy of Wing.


1.       Code hints appear automatically instead of in a palette that may or
may not be visible

2.       Code browser

3.       Can use the "tab" key to jump to args in function calls

4.       Instant Variable highlighting

5.       Variable renaming. (Wing, puhleeeze, couldn't you have that)


I like Wing better because:

1.       It feels less bloated

2.       More flexible about projects


I want to like Wing, but for me, Aptana & Pydev is where the sweet spot is.
If Wing had variable renaming & highlighting, I'd switch back.



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Some colleagues and I are currently evaluating Python-aware IDEs.  After
briefly inspections of available options, our short list of contenders has
been whittled down to WingIDE, PyCharm, Komodo and PyDev.


Would it be possible to get a summary of what strengths (features,
licensing, community, etc.) WingIDE has versus those other IDEs?  We'd like
to make certain we don't accidentally overlook some useful, key
functionality while taking each IDE out for a limited test drive.




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