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One thing I really would like for wing is to have tearable tabs that I can
move around easily like in matlab, google chrome, etc...

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> I don't have much experience with Komodo and PyCharm.  However, I really
> like the source assistant in WingIDE.  While I like PyDev (and a number of
> developers here use it), I found that rebuilding projects was rather time
> consuming.   For Wing, one feature that is worth playing with is the ability
> to do live debugging.   For example, if you set a break point and stop at
> it, you can execute code in a prompt based on the current state of the
> program.  This feature has saved me a LOT of time in debugging.  I haven't
> played with the beta version yet to see how well it integrates with Django
> (up to now, most of my python coding has been related to scientific
> computation and desktop applications.  We've been starting to do more web
> development and debugging has been more painful....)
> William
> On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 2:46 PM, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com>wrote:
>> Rob Weigel wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> Some colleagues and I are currently evaluating Python-aware IDEs. After
>>> briefly inspections of available options, our short list of contenders has
>>> been whittled down to WingIDE, PyCharm, Komodo and PyDev.
>>> Would it be possible to get a summary of what strengths (features,
>>> licensing, community, etc.) WingIDE has versus those other IDEs? We’d like
>>> to make certain we don’t accidentally overlook some useful, key
>>> functionality while taking each IDE out for a limited test drive.
>> I'm just a bit biased on this but I can try to highlight the key things to
>> look at in Wing:
>> * Keyboard emulation for VI/Vim, emacs, etc -- we try to make it really
>> comfortable to use in that way (as well as having an intuitive GUI in
>> general)
>> * Code completion, call tips (in Source Assistant), etc -- we focus on
>> Python and may do better here in most cases
>> * Debugger -- be sure to try the Debug Probe and conditional breakpoints.
>> These can be powerful together, not just or debugging but designing new code
>> in the live runtime context. We also support debugging within a web server,
>> etc.
>> * Notice that running to a breakpoint will show live runtime data in the
>> editor's auto-completer if working in an active stack frame (as does the
>> Debug Probe)
>> * Some people really like the source browser together with debugger to
>> reverse engineer or understand unfamiliar code
>> * Try the version control integration (works with svn, cvs, perforce,
>> mercurial, bazaar, and git)
>> * Try the testing tool (works with unittest, nose, doctest)
>> * Other stuff to try: Search in Files, mini-search in the Edit menu
>> (keyboard-driven search), Code Snippets (called Templates in Wing 3.2.x),
>> and Bookmarks
>> * Note Wing autosaves every 10 seconds and offers to restore changes at
>> later startup if the power goes out.
>> Be sure to try Wing 4.0 if you're interesting in Django or matplotlib
>> support. See http://wingware.com/wingide/beta for details. Version 4.0
>> also adds a diff/merge tool (which in beta4 is still under development).
>> We're also planning find-points-of-use and refactoring operations for 4.0,
>> although this isn't yet in the released beta and we don't know the details
>> of what exactly will be released.
>> In general terms, we focus on Python and we've been doing this since 1999
>> so the depth of some of the features will be greater. With the amount of
>> refining we've done I suspect Wing also "just works" more often, such as
>> when debugging code in weird contexts.
>> I'd love to hear from some users on this also, if they have tried all four
>> of the IDEs. We do often get feedback suggesting Wing IDE is the best Python
>> IDE (in some cases from people that claim they tried them all) but mostly
>> without the details of the analysis.
>> I do think the choice of an IDE is a very personal thing, somewhat like
>> choosing shoes, so it's definitely a good idea to try to do some real work
>> with each product before making your decision.
>> Please don't hesitate to email us at support at wingware.com if you have
>> questions or suggestions.
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