[wingide-users] WingIDE versus PyCharm, Komodo and PyDev

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Wed Oct 13 12:46:41 MDT 2010

Rob Weigel wrote:
> Greetings,
> Some colleagues and I are currently evaluating Python-aware IDEs. 
> After briefly inspections of available options, our short list of 
> contenders has been whittled down to WingIDE, PyCharm, Komodo and PyDev.
> Would it be possible to get a summary of what strengths (features, 
> licensing, community, etc.) WingIDE has versus those other IDEs? We’d 
> like to make certain we don’t accidentally overlook some useful, key 
> functionality while taking each IDE out for a limited test drive.

I'm just a bit biased on this but I can try to highlight the key things 
to look at in Wing:

* Keyboard emulation for VI/Vim, emacs, etc -- we try to make it really 
comfortable to use in that way (as well as having an intuitive GUI in 
* Code completion, call tips (in Source Assistant), etc -- we focus on 
Python and may do better here in most cases
* Debugger -- be sure to try the Debug Probe and conditional 
breakpoints. These can be powerful together, not just or debugging but 
designing new code in the live runtime context. We also support 
debugging within a web server, etc.
* Notice that running to a breakpoint will show live runtime data in the 
editor's auto-completer if working in an active stack frame (as does the 
Debug Probe)
* Some people really like the source browser together with debugger to 
reverse engineer or understand unfamiliar code
* Try the version control integration (works with svn, cvs, perforce, 
mercurial, bazaar, and git)
* Try the testing tool (works with unittest, nose, doctest)
* Other stuff to try: Search in Files, mini-search in the Edit menu 
(keyboard-driven search), Code Snippets (called Templates in Wing 
3.2.x), and Bookmarks
* Note Wing autosaves every 10 seconds and offers to restore changes at 
later startup if the power goes out.

Be sure to try Wing 4.0 if you're interesting in Django or matplotlib 
support. See http://wingware.com/wingide/beta for details. Version 4.0 
also adds a diff/merge tool (which in beta4 is still under development). 
We're also planning find-points-of-use and refactoring operations for 
4.0, although this isn't yet in the released beta and we don't know the 
details of what exactly will be released.

In general terms, we focus on Python and we've been doing this since 
1999 so the depth of some of the features will be greater. With the 
amount of refining we've done I suspect Wing also "just works" more 
often, such as when debugging code in weird contexts.

I'd love to hear from some users on this also, if they have tried all 
four of the IDEs. We do often get feedback suggesting Wing IDE is the 
best Python IDE (in some cases from people that claim they tried them 
all) but mostly without the details of the analysis.

I do think the choice of an IDE is a very personal thing, somewhat like 
choosing shoes, so it's definitely a good idea to try to do some real 
work with each product before making your decision.

Please don't hesitate to email us at support at wingware.com if you have 
questions or suggestions.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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