[wingide-users] Factory defaults button does what?

Jonathan March JDM at MarchRay.net
Thu Oct 7 18:46:23 MDT 2010

On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Wing IDE Support <support at wingware.com>wrote:

> On 10/7/10 5:54 PM, Jonathan March wrote:
>> I cannot find a reference in the help documents nor online to the
>> "Factory Defaults" button in Preferences. I was trying unsuccessfully
>> (not for the first time) to change colors to a usable dark background
>> theme. Failed miserably, wanted to reset to default colors but do NOT
>> want to reset other factory defaults.
> The button resets all preferences to their defaults, which is what you
> don't want.  What you may want to do is edit the preferences file in your
> Wing settings directory and remove or change the edit.syntax-formatting
> value.  You'll want to edit the file when Wing isn't running.

Thanks, John. It might be worth considering having per-function
reset-default buttons in the GUI. And certainly the help file ought to
describe the existing button.
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