[wingide-users] Source browser filtering

Paul Du Bois dubois at doublefine.com
Tue Nov 16 12:02:44 MST 2010

I'm just starting a trial period of wing professional (4.0b).
One of the first things I notice is that "import *" symbols like

   from PyQT4.QtCore import *

do not seem to be filterable in the source browser.  They show
up as if they are defined in the module itself.  Individual symbols

   from PyQT4.QtCore import QUrl

show up differently (with an arrow overlaid on the symbol-type icon),
and Options -> Show Imported Symbols properly filters them out.

The huge mass of symbols contained in QtCore and QtGui seems to be
slowing Wing down substantially; multiple times so far I've experienced
UI lockups lasting many seconds.  So maybe we'll need to pull back from
this (admittedly loose, but convenient) Qt importing style.

So, my questions:

- Once I remove the "from PyQt4.QtXXX import *" lines, is there anything
  Wing can do to help figure out which symbols are now undefined and
  need to be re-imported?

- Is it a fundamental restriction that Wing treats "from package import
  differently from "from package import symbollist"?


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