[wingide-users] PyQt4

Nathan McBride nomb85 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 5 16:00:58 MDT 2010

Took a few trys but I think I got it in.

"Wing IDE Support" <support at wingware.com> wrote:

>On 11/5/10 5:26 PM, Nathan McBride wrote:
>> I have done a lot of searching and came across people having similar
>issues but have yet to come across a solution. I don't have any code
>completion for PyQt4 in wing.
>> I went through the PyQt help document.  And it didn't help any.
>Could you submit a bug report from within Wing and include the 
>error-log?  Much of the time the problem is version and environment 
>> The python interpreter in wing has code completion for it. I read
>somewhere that it was because the interpreter was using a different, I
>guess technique. Can we have wing do this too?
>The python shell has a live process that it's able to inspect, but the 
>editor only can use this technique if there is a debug process that's 
>stopped at a breakpoint or exception.

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