[wingide-users] Is "Attach to Process..." working in beta4?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Thu Nov 4 11:52:15 MDT 2010

I've been struggling for a while to get it working and I can't.  I've
reduced to running the small bit of code below and trying to attach Wing,
but it won't work.

import wingdbstub
#wingdbstub.kAttachPort = '50108'
import time
while True:
    print "tick"

My wingdbstub.py is currently has "kAttachPort = '50016'".   The commented
line is where I occasionally try changing the port, but I am not 100% sure
it works after the import is complete (does it?).

I've been through many layers here, including:

   - thinking it was a virtualenv problem --- but I've turfed my virtualenv
   and now work in a fresh project that doesn't point to my virtualenv and it
   still does not work
   - wondering if wingdbstub changed from 3->4 --- it did (a tiny bit), but
   updating to the latest wingdbstub.py didn't help anyway
   - thinking other background processes I have going are stealing the port
   --- I have tried many ports to no avail and there is nothing showing in
   'lsof -i' anyway

I can't get Wing to attach at all, although I know I was able to attach with
no issues in Wing3.  Sometimes I get a message box saying there is no
process listening or running, other times I get nothing and the status line
just says "no debug process, listening for connections" for a few seconds.

How do I get it to work?  I suspect I've done something silly or am missing
something simple.

I'll also send a bug report with log, just in case.

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