[wingide-users] Suggested Feature for Search and Replace

David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Sat May 29 13:20:29 MDT 2010

In the Search and Replace Options list, it would be nice to have an option
'Ignore text in triple quotes and comments'. I tend to use full words as
variable names wherever possible for readability, and I also tend to comment
my code extensively. The result is that when I'm searching on or changing a
variable name or a text value, I sometimes get as many hits in my comments
as I do in the code, and I have to keep cycling through to make sure I've
caught all & only the hits in the code.


BTW, I'm sure you are aware that, at least under Windows, pop-ups in the
lower-right corner such as the S&R Options list often fall off the screen &
require that I move Wing over to the left so I can see them. And I'm sure
that's on your list for the GTK update...


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