[wingide-users] Something's stealing the focus on Mac

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Wed May 26 09:11:48 MDT 2010

Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
> Did anyone ever figure out what on Mac OS is stealing the focus from Wing on a regular basis (like every couple of minutes)? Pretty annoying and often it doesn't return the focus to Wing.

Yes, this is driving me nuts.  The focus seems to come back sometimes 
but usually not.  It is annoying either way!

I have two theories:

1) Spotlight -- I've seen it flash its icon right when the focus left a 
number of times.  I've just recently disabled the spotlight key bindings 
but am not sure yet whether or not that helped.

2) Spaces and/or X11 -- Wouldn't be the first odd X11/Spaces conflict.  
I can't work w/o X11 but maybe should try disabling Spaces for a while 
(tho I tend to rely on it pretty heavily).  I have seen it happen in 
non-X11 apps also, but it may still be something that only occurs when 
X11 is present.


Stephan Deibel
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