[wingide-users] Tricky embedded application -- resuming debugger

reckoner reckoner at gmail.com
Mon May 24 10:19:47 MDT 2010


I'm on windows xp 32 bit running wing pro 3.2.7-1 (rev 22079).

I have an application that runs an embedded python interpreter. I have 
imported wingdbstub into my source code and I can get the IDE to stop at 
breakpoints that are hit the first time when the application loads the 
python code the first time (initialization phase for the python code).

Here's the tricky part:

When the initialization completes and I'm at the end of the source code, 
I hit "step over" in the IDE. Nothing happens and the Debug Probe 
reports that the process is still attached. Then, later when other 
modules are invoked by acting on the main application, the breakpoints 
in those modules are hit, and then debugging happily proceeds.

However, after the initialization phase, if I hit "Resume" instead of 
"Step", debugging does *not* proceed because the other breakpoints do 
not stop and the IDE seems permanently detached from the python process. 
The main application must be using the same python instance, because all 
the modules in the initialization phase are present with or without the 
debugger (ie. the python add-on would not work if it were not).

Then, finally, my question is whether or not I'm doing this correctly. I 
have tried setting kEmbedded in the wingdbstub file, but that doesn't 
seem to help. I would prefer to hit the breakpoints in other modules 
besides the initialization module without having to "Step" my way 
through to them.

I hope that made some sense.

Thanks in advance!

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