[wingide-users] file associations on windows?

william ratcliff william.ratcliff at gmail.com
Thu May 20 09:22:35 MDT 2010

Hi!  I have a rather silly question.  I'm using Wing 3.2.7-1 (rev 22079) on
windows xp.  I've started playing with django and noticed that when I'm at a
command prompt, if I type:
django-admin startproject testapp

that instead of creating a new django project, if I have wing running, it
will open django-admin.py in the wing editor.  If wing is not open, it will
start wing.   Is there a way to still have wing associated with python files
for context menus (for example, "edit with wing" will still be available for
python files), but that from a cmd window, python.exe is called instead of
wing?  I've tried playing with the %pathext% variable, but it doesn't seem
to solve the problem.

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