[wingide-users] "Last Edit Location"

David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Wed May 19 12:10:37 MDT 2010

Stephen, I think you just made an eloquent case for adding the
jump-to-last-edit feature. I've tried the workarounds you describe, and they
really slow down my work. A single-level jump-back-to-last-edit would help a
lot, but multi-level would be *really* good. A good UI for thiw would be a
'last edit' button near the nav buttons that would take you back to the last
edit with a left click & open up a short, ordered list of previous edit
locations with a right click. Unlike the nav buttons, it would ignore
movements that aren't associated with edits.

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> Rex Turnbull wrote:
> > I had always supposed/hoped that is what the  'auto bookmarks' (little
> > green arrows top left of editor window) did, but I sometimes get nipped
> > at just the wrong moment..
> >
> > Simple example: work in line 248, need an import so go to top (on
> > windows Ctrl+Home), write import statement, click on 'Previous visit in
> > history', land somewhere I had visited sometime previously, but not line
> > 248.
> > ->Perhaps the 'Ctrl+Home'-Event is not being recognized for history
> > recording? This may be a  just on Windows bug.
> Yes, that's an oversight and I've fixed it in our sources for Wing
> 3.2.8+.  Thanks for pointing that out.  If you find other things like
> that, please let me know.
> I still think an edit location history would also be useful since the
> auto-bookmarks track places you visit w/o editing.  I find I tend to
> hunt around a bit, then start writing code in a few locations and would
> like to easily bounce between those locations w/o revisiting places I
> was just looking.  If there are two or three, I just do it w/ splits in
> the editor but past a certain point the splits get too small (esp. on a
> laptop).
> BTW other partial work-arounds for this that I use are: (a) doing "undo"
> and "redo" in succession to jump back to the point of most recent edit
> within the current file, and (b) doing a diff in the version control
> tool and right-clicking to Goto Source for a particular difference.
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