[wingide-users] "Last Edit Location"

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Tue May 18 07:05:36 MDT 2010

Marcin Krol wrote:
> In Eclipse there's a quite a useful function: "last edit location", 
> where clicking on this icon gets editor through a list of locations that 
> happened to have been edited.
> I haven't found anything like this in Wing, and it would be quite 
> useful: it's quite frequent situation to change smth in one place of 
> code and then have to go back to previous location. In Wing one has to 
> either bookmark that previous place or search for it, which is workable, 
> but not ideal.

Yes, this sounds like a good idea to add.  I've wanted something like 
this myself.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Note that the forward/back buttons at top left of editor may help in 
some cases.  However, those don't go just to edit locations but also can 
be used for going back from goto-defn and similar.  Also, right clicking 
on the stick pin icon in top right of editor brings up a list of files 
visited in that split but that is also not just places edited and 
doesn't handle edits in two different places in a file.



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