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Mark Jones mdjones0978-wingide at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 10:15:14 MDT 2010

This makes more sense to me as a context menu item, because I right click the line and run to cursor.....  That is how I've seen it in VStudio and although I'm not positive, eclipse as well.

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robert rottermann wrote:
> Am 07.05.2010 15:02, schrieb Wingware Support:
>> robert rottermann wrote:
>>> oh, and when talking about minor nits..
>>> I would wish to have "debug to cursor" on one of the (easy reachable)
>>> function keys.
>> The command name is run-to-cursor and you could bind that to a key
>> with the Keyboard / Custom Key Bindings preference.
> thanks, but i wonder, why this is not bound by default..
> as it is used in any and every debug session ..
> and simulated by setting/removing a breakpoint.
> at least by me..

I think it's just a combination of what we did initially (which was based on loose standards for debugging F keys as defined by various other IDEs) and the fact that nobody has ever requested this before.

If you want to suggest an F key that is free and logical for this function based on the existing debugger F key bindings then I could add it to our defaults.


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