[wingide-users] locations-in-editor menu

David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Thu May 6 13:42:17 MDT 2010

This is a *very* minor nit, but it might be a minor fix. When I'm working on
a long module, I make extensive use of the button that lets me jump to the
various definitions. That's much more convenient than going to the project
tab and then restoring it's previous setting. But depending on where I am in
the file, I often have to scroll that pop-up menu to get to methods that are
in the early part of the file. This feature would be a lot more convenient
if clicking the button just brought up *all* the choices rather than a local
subset. Maybe it's just a parameter limiting the length of the menu. If so,
make it bigger; there's loots of room. If necessary, let it cover the entire
editor; when I click that button, the only thing I'm looking at is the list
of choices. 


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