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Thu May 6 11:10:59 MDT 2010

Leif Lensgraf, DC wrote:
> I’m a bit new to the whole programming thing. So be gentle please if 
> I’ve made a nub error.
> I’ve been using python to do a fair bit of mssql database queries 
> using pyodbc, anyways I came across the SQLAlchemy package and seems 
> like the ticket for easing some of the things I want to do.
> I’ve installed SQLAlchemy using easy_install using the –Z option and 
> everything works fine.
> When I use the statements
> from sqlalchemy import *
> from sqlalchemy.orm import *
> The 1^st statement appears in wing without any errors, however; the 
> 2^nd statement gets a redline under the ‘m import *’ indicating a 
> SyntaxError – and of course the completion function of wingide will 
> not work with the methods below sqlalchemy.orm. If I ignore the 
> “error” and code something like Session = sessionmaker(bind=engine) – 
> this code will execute just fine.
> I’ve done a copy-cut-paste of my code into other python-ide programs 
> and they don’t seem to complain about the from à sqlalchemy.orm import 
> * -- being a syntaxerror. I’m pasting the top of my code below. Thanks 
> in advance for any ideas on how to fix this!
> I should also state that the error appears even on a new editor with 
> nothing else typed into the editor except -- from sqlalchemy.orm import *

Try Check for Updates in the Help menu in Wing and this problem should 
go away. Please let me know if that does not help.

Sorry about that,


Stephan Deibel
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