[wingide-users] Patches for Django support in Wing 4.0beta1

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu May 6 10:49:45 MDT 2010


I've pushed out some patches for Wing 4.0beta1 to improve the Django 
support, particularly on Windows.  This includes the following:

  * Fixes broken Django menu actions on Windows
  * Fixed debugging templates on Windows
  * Improved formatting of text in completion dialogs
  * Don't enable Generate SQL if there are no apps
  * Run Sync DB asynchronously, time out after 120 seconds, and show
    any output in a scratch buffer
  * Added Extensions sub-menu under Projects menu for Django setup actions
  * Fix enabling of Django plugin in projects with multiple settings.py
    and/or manage.py files
  * Correct (start,end) tag ranges reported in \r\n files

To obtain the patches, use Check for Updates in the Help menu in your 
copy of
Wing IDE 4.0 beta1.


Patch 02:  If you apply this as a user that cannot write to your Wing 
installation, you will need to manually move the scripts/django.py file 
from your users settings directory (listed 5th item in Wing's About box) 
to your Wing installation to avoid seeing both the original and patched 
Django menus.

Patch 03:  This patch is for Windows only and is large (12MB) so may 
take some time to download.  This install dialog may not update during 
this time.

Some versions of Django 1.2 contained a bug that prevented template 
debugging to work.  This is fixed in the latest Django sources and can 
be worked around by changing your TEMPLATE_LOADERS in your settings.py 
file to the following::

More information on this beta and its support for Django can be found here:


Please report bugs to support at wingware.com or via Submit Bug Report in 
the Help menu, and not to this email list.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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