[wingide-users] Keyboard shortcuts don't work when in non-English language

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Mon May 3 08:02:09 MDT 2010

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> cool-RR wrote:
>> This is a little quirkiness of Wing that annoys me from time to time. This
>> is low priority.
>> I'm an Israeli, and I have a Windows system with two languages, English
>> and Hebrew. Sometimes English is the active language, and then the keyboard
>> types English letters, and sometimes Hebrew is active, and then the keyboard
>> types Hebrew letters.
>> When using keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for copy and
>> paste, you do not have to switch to English. Even if you're on Hebrew, and
>> you press Ctrl-C, even though the "C" button would actually register the
>> Hebrew letter ב, any Windows app will still register the Ctrl-C call and do
>> "copy".
>> What I'm saying is that Wing doesn't. If you're in a non-English language,
>> it won't recognize keyboard shortcuts, even though every Windows program
>> does.
> That might be difficult to fix in that our key binding mechanism is by
> design based on the actual characters produced and not keyboard position.
>  We did this so that it would work right across different keyboard layouts
> where they keys are not in the same place.  You're essentially asking for
> the opposite where we would look at position and ignore the character code,
> which I think would require us to develop key maps for every keyboard type.
> It may be that the work involved would not be justified here, although I
> can see this could be pretty annoying.
> Thanks for pointing this out.
> --
> Stephan Deibel

Thanks for your attention. One note is that you can look at how conventional
Windows applications do this, and maybe you could use their method.

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