[wingide-users] Keyboard shortcuts don't work when in non-English language

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Mon May 3 07:58:42 MDT 2010

cool-RR wrote:
> This is a little quirkiness of Wing that annoys me from time to time. 
> This is low priority.
> I'm an Israeli, and I have a Windows system with two languages, 
> English and Hebrew. Sometimes English is the active language, and then 
> the keyboard types English letters, and sometimes Hebrew is active, 
> and then the keyboard types Hebrew letters.
> When using keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for copy and 
> paste, you do not have to switch to English. Even if you're on Hebrew, 
> and you press Ctrl-C, even though the "C" button would actually 
> register the Hebrew letter ב, any Windows app will still register the 
> Ctrl-C call and do "copy".
> What I'm saying is that Wing doesn't. If you're in a non-English 
> language, it won't recognize keyboard shortcuts, even though every 
> Windows program does.

That might be difficult to fix in that our key binding mechanism is by 
design based on the actual characters produced and not keyboard 
position.  We did this so that it would work right across different 
keyboard layouts where they keys are not in the same place.  You're 
essentially asking for the opposite where we would look at position and 
ignore the character code, which I think would require us to develop key 
maps for every keyboard type. 

It may be that the work involved would not be justified here, although I 
can see this could be pretty annoying.

Thanks for pointing this out.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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