[wingide-users] debug mode & window restore under Windows 7

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Wed Mar 31 09:22:38 MDT 2010

Am I correct that this is no longer a problem if Win7 is brought up to 
date?  It sounds like MS may have fixed something in their graphics 
libraries or Wing is somehow on a compatibility list as you suggest.



On 3/31/10 9:38 AM, Jonathan March wrote:
> [Note: The following problem which I typed up on March 19 but did not
> send then, seems to have been resolved by March 26, which is puzzling
> since there was no Wing update in the interim, and the only windows
> updates were for IE8 compatibility and for Windows Defender. I am
> sending this report anyway, for the record, in case others experience
> similar problems. (As I mention below, Total Commander had the same
> problem and still does. This makes me wonder whether it was a
> compatibility issue, with Wing now having been added to a Win7
> compatibility list but TC not.]
> ====
> wing ide pro 3.2.5-1
> windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit (1366 x 768 screen)
> If I am debugging a program with Wing, and hit an exception:
> If the wing window was maximized, no problem, it stays maximized.
> But if the wing window was not maximized (partial screen) then as soon
> as it hits the exception, the window resizes, always to the same
> inconvenient rather small size (about 640 x 660 pixels).
> I would like for this behavior to stop.
> There seem to be two factors:
> 1. Something in Wing that makes it want to resize when it hits an
> exception. I wouldn't mind this if it were part of perspectives.
> Actually it could be useful at times for the debugging perspective to
> have a different window size than the edit perspective. But this does
> not seem to be the case. The behavior is unchanged whether perspectives
> are enabled or not.
> 2. Something different (from WinXP at least) about how Win7 handles the
> windows Restore command. Some apps (e.g. firefox) have adapted to this
> change and work as expected, but others (e.g. Wing and Total Commander)
> have not -- restore usually goes to that same 640x660 size, regardless
> of what the previous (pre-maximize) size was.
> These issues do NOT occur on my Windows XP (1280x1024) system.
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