[wingide-users] debug mode & window restore under Windows 7

Jonathan March JDM at MarchRay.net
Wed Mar 31 07:38:44 MDT 2010

[Note: The following problem which I typed up on March 19 but did not send
then, seems to have been resolved by March 26, which is puzzling since there
was no Wing update in the interim, and the only windows updates were for IE8
compatibility and for Windows Defender. I am sending this report anyway, for
the record, in case others experience similar problems. (As I mention below,
Total Commander had the same problem and still does. This makes me wonder
whether it was a compatibility issue, with Wing now having been added to a
Win7 compatibility list but TC not.]


wing ide pro 3.2.5-1
windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit (1366 x 768 screen)

If I am debugging a program with Wing, and hit an exception:

If the wing window was maximized, no problem, it stays maximized.

But if the wing window was not maximized (partial screen) then as soon as it
hits the exception, the window resizes, always to the same inconvenient
rather small size (about 640 x 660 pixels).

I would like for this behavior to stop.

There seem to be two factors:

1. Something in Wing that makes it want to resize when it hits an exception.
I wouldn't mind this if it were part of perspectives. Actually it could be
useful at times for the debugging perspective to have a different window
size than the edit perspective. But this does not seem to be the case. The
behavior is unchanged whether perspectives are enabled or not.

2. Something different (from WinXP at least) about how Win7 handles the
windows Restore command. Some apps (e.g. firefox) have adapted to this
change and work as expected, but others (e.g. Wing and Total Commander) have
not -- restore usually goes to that same 640x660 size, regardless of what
the previous (pre-maximize) size was.

These issues do NOT occur on my Windows XP (1280x1024) system.
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