[wingide-users] Color picker plugin

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Tue Mar 30 12:06:23 MDT 2010

Ken Kinder wrote:
> This code could/should probably be a lot better, but I don't know much
> about pygtk. It adds a "colorpicker" command that lets you choose a
> color in a gtk color chooser, then inserts it into your editor in
> #rrggbb format. If you have a color selected (anything parsable by
> gtk.gdk.color_parse standards), it uses that as a starting point.


With Ken's permission I've put the script on our wiki:


I had a use for it almost immediately so ended up making a few minor 

All Wing IDE users:  Please feel free to add extension scripts to the 
wiki yourself and/or
post any improvements you come up with for scripts that are already 
there.  You just
need to create a login to be able to create and edit pages.

By the way, this one is kind of nifty:



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