[wingide-users] RE: Color picker plugin

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Mon Mar 29 16:32:50 MDT 2010

> This code could/should probably be a lot better, but I don't know much
> about pygtk. It adds a "colorpicker" command that lets you choose a
> color in a gtk color chooser, then inserts it into your editor in
> #rrggbb format. If you have a color selected (anything parsable by
> gtk.gdk.color_parse standards), it uses that as a starting point.

Thanks for the script!

I realize that it wasn't the point of our mail, and that you are running
in *nix, but I've been in this exact situation several times in the past
and now I just have this page bookmarked for such cases on Windows


It is a good and functional colour picker for sure and has some nice
other features, but the best part is that it is a standalone 400 kB
application that doesn't need to be installed.  Nice and tidy... and I
like tidy.
Not quite on-topic for a Wing list, but since colour-picking was brought
up I figured I'd share the wealth.  Being a Wing/python list I assume
other people also appreciate tidy code/applications.


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