[wingide-users] PyQt & Python 3

Mike Driscoll mdriscoll at co.marshall.ia.us
Mon Mar 29 12:23:49 MDT 2010

On 1:59 PM, Marcin Krol wrote:
> Mitchell L Model wrote:
>> For those trying to figure out what GUI toolkit to use, here's 
>> another datum: I've been doing heavy PyQt work using Python 3 and 
>> Wing IDE Professional for several months and am very happy with the 
>> combination. PyQt is really extraordinary. I don't have enough 
>> wxPython or GTK experience to back this up, but it seems to me that 
>> Qt has a far greater depth of support and far greater breadth of 
>> capabilities -- it's much more than a GUI Toolkit -- than either of 
>> the others, and PyQt in avidly maintained in both Python 2 and 3 
>> versions. I've been using both Mac Leopard (OS X 10.5) and Windows 7 
>> (mostly the former).
> Thanks Mitchell, this is useful info.


How does PyQT have a greater depth of support? What capabilities are you 
talking about? This is pretty vague stuff. The PyQT releases don't 
appear to be in SVN or any other type of publicly available version 
control, so it's pretty hard to tell how often it's updated (i.e. 
developed). Where is this information about its development coming from? 
The mailing list?

I have seen one really cool PyQT application, so I'm not dissing 
it...but I also won't make a judgment with such limited info.

*Mike Driscoll*

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