[wingide-users] PyQt & Python 3

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Mon Mar 29 07:27:06 MDT 2010

For those trying to figure out what GUI toolkit to use, here's another  
datum: I've been doing heavy PyQt work using Python 3 and Wing IDE  
Professional for several months and am very happy with the  
combination. PyQt is really extraordinary. I don't have enough  
wxPython or GTK experience to back this up, but it seems to me that Qt  
has a far greater depth of support and far greater breadth of  
capabilities -- it's much more than a GUI Toolkit -- than either of  
the others, and PyQt in avidly maintained in both Python 2 and 3  
versions. I've been using both Mac Leopard (OS X 10.5) and Windows 7  
(mostly the former).

I had some trouble getting everything setup consistently in Snow  
Leopard (OS X 10.6), in particular 32- vs. 64-bit compilations of  
Python, Qt, and PyQt, and I was under big time pressure so I backed  
off to 10.5, but more recent releases of Qt and PyQt than I was using  
probably solved whatever problems I was having and I will try OS X  
10.6 soon.

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