[wingide-users] question

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Fri Mar 26 12:28:07 MDT 2010

On 3/26/2010 1:05 PM, Mike Driscoll wrote:
> On 1:59 PM, Avner Ben wrote:
>> Marcin Krol wrote:
>>> The reason I'm asking is that I recently created a few apps using
>>> wxPython and I came to the conclusion that I like this toolkit a lot.
>> I also thought that way. Now I am stcuk with Python 2.6 because the
>> guys at Wx don't think it is important to upgrade to Python 3.
>> Avner.
> Well, that's flame bait. For the most part, wxPython is compiled by one
> man and he has been working on a new way to create the bindings for wx
> so that we can better support the Python 2.x series and the 3.x series.
> If it was as simple as running 2to3 and tweaking a few things, I'm sure
> he would have already added that to the build process. See the roadmap
> for more info:

In the spirit of flame bait ;-) some of us would probably regard being stuck 
with 2.6 as a desirable feature. But I'm kinda weird that way.


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