[wingide-users] File dialog and default location

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Fri Mar 19 12:47:03 MDT 2010

On Friday 19 March 2010, Wing IDE Support elucidated thus:
> On 3/19/10 2:01 PM, Joshua J. Kugler wrote:
> > Sometimes I have the need to open files outside my project.  It
> > seems every time I go to open a new file, the file open dialog
> > defaults to the location of the currently open WPR.  This is not
> > desirable.
> This is controlled Initial Directory Policy in the Files preference
> page.

Sigh, so it is...the "curse" of such a feature rich program: not knowing 
about features one needs.

> > The ability to open more than one file at a time
> Are you using OS X or Linux?  We hope to implement it there in a
> future release.  Opening multiple files already works on Windows.

Running on Linux.

Thanks again for such a great IDE.  It makes my life (at least my Python 
life) much easier.


Joshua Kugler
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