[wingide-users] auto-select

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Mar 18 14:00:00 MDT 2010

On 3/18/10 3:46 PM, Mitchell L Model wrote:
>>> Could you please explain the three auto-select commands:
>>> start-select-char, start-select-line, and start-select-block? And how to
>>> stop them once started?
>> They're equivalent to the items on the Edit -> Selection menu and they
>> allow text to be selected by moving the cursor. The select mode is
>> stopped via the exit-visual-mode command. The modes and command names
>> come from the vi keybinding support, but are available when any
>> keybinding is active.
> Yeah, but what do they DO? I played with them a little and was perplexed.

In select-char mode, characters are selected as the arrow keys are 
pressed.  In select-line mode, the current line is selected and then 
more lines are selected as the up or down arrow keys are pressed.  In 
select-block mode, the rectangle of text with corners at the starting 
position and the current cursor position is selected.

There's a few more quirks, but that's the basic idea.  Note that the 
block / rectangle mode suffers from the same limitations with short 
lines as doing rectangle selection with the mouse does -- the column is 
bounded by the length of the line.  We plan to fix the rectangle problem 
in a future release.



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