[wingide-users] Graphical tree browser?

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Thu Mar 18 08:59:45 MDT 2010

Wing really ought to be a graphical tree browser, including the  
ability to start at a package and descend into its subpackages. The  
main need is for a display of class relationships (and what classes  
there are) but once you have that you start wanting an optional  
display of doc strings, init args, etc.

There are some tools for this, including the pydoc library in the  
standard distribution and epydoc. pydoc doesn't descent into packages  
and epydoc doesn't work with Python 3 code. Anyone have suggestions  
for other graphical tools I should try? I realize the multiple  
inheritance patterns complicate this kind of display, but not that  

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