[wingide-users] close-tag in HTML

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Tue Mar 9 15:26:47 MST 2010

On 3/9/10 3:23 PM, Mitchell L Model wrote:
> It's cool that Wing can handle HTML and so many other non-Python
> languages/formats. Any chance we could get a close-tag for editing HTML
> files (or, I suppose, any SGML-based format) like the one in Emacs 22's
> html-mode?

Does it fill in the close tag when </ is entered?  If it's more 
complicated than that, I can try the emacs mode.

> Also, how can I change the number of characters indented for each level
> of tag, and is there a way to make return automatically indent a level
> where appropriate as is done in Python code? (Save having to type a tab
> to indent the new line.)

The indents are set as multiples of the first indent in the file or the 
preference value for a new file.  Adding an option to auto-indent the 
next line is a good idea and we'll try to add it.



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