[wingide-users] Pre-purchase consult

Martín Villalba thaorius at thaorius.com
Fri Mar 5 08:28:12 MST 2010

Hi, after using the trial version of Wing IDE Pro for a few days, I decided
I'm going to buy a license; but I have a couple of questions:

1) I develop both on Linux and FreeBSD, but there is no license option for
FreeBSD, only a mention of the source code being available. Does this mean I
can buy a single OS license, and then compile Wing IDE in FreeBSD and use it
on both Linux and FreeBSD? Or would I have to buy a 2 OS license and use the
other license on FreeBSD.

2) I read somewhere that Wing IDE and only be activated 3 times. Is this
true? What if I need more activations? (I have 3 development platforms,
always using 1 at the time. Plus, each machine gets an OS reinstall every 9
months or so.)

3) How do I go about getting the source code?

Thanks for your time.
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