[wingide-users] Focus and Debug Probe

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Mon Mar 1 08:47:30 MST 2010

> Luc Bourhis wrote:
>> Hi,
>> when debugging, every step forward steals the focus from the debug
>> probe to give it to the editor where the current line is
>> highlighted. I find that quite annoying as I nearly always wish to
>> keep evaluating some expressions in the debug probe at every step,
>> and certainly not start editing the code while the debugger runs.
>> This is with Wing 3.2.4-1 (rev 21453).
> I have fixed this in our sources.  If someone knows they want focus on

> the editor with each step, please speak up so I can add an option to
> restore the old approach.  Note that in most keyboard modes you can
> press Esc to get focus from tools back to source editor.

I know that something about the behavior on debug stepping used to annoy
me, but in the last year or so (more?) I've been happy with it.  I don't
recall the specifics of what was annoying, but unexpected change of
focus was certainly the issue.

Making it so that the focus remains where it was prior to doing a step
certainly seems like the right thing to do, but just in case... consider
this half a vote for having the option to set the focus to the editor on

Vague recollection and half a vote... how's that for a precise mail?


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