[wingide-users] Supply options to command line

Marcin Krol mrkafk at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 04:35:05 MST 2010

Michael Hipp wrote:
> I was sure I knew how to do this but I've stared at the project 
> properties and can't find it...
> How do I supply command line options to my program when I start debug?

file properties (in Project browser) | Debug | Run arguments.

I have a different question, though: is there an option in wing ide to 
start a file WITHOUT debugging?

That is, I know that if I start Debug and I have no breakpoints set, the 
file will be ran. The problem with it is that sometimes I want to run a 
current file without debugging even if I do have some breakpoints set.

The 2nd point is that starting debug requires wing ide starting up all 
the debugging machinery and that tends to be somewhat slow.


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