[wingide-users] WingIDE does not catch exceptions with external debug and context managers

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Tue Jun 29 15:19:07 MDT 2010

On 6/29/10 3:57 PM, Phil Vandry wrote:
> I got Wing working with externally-started code using passive listening
> and "import wingdbstub" but I encountered a problem when this
> functionality was combined with context managers.
> ...
> with ContextManager() as c:
>      print 3/0
> When run remotely it just runs, prints the ZeroDivisonError and
> traceback to stderr, and aborts, just as if it wasn't running under
> the debugger.

I can reproduce and we'll try to fix it.  It looks like using 
ContextManager in a function may be a workaround.  e.g. Wing reports the 
exception when this is used:

def foo():
     with ContextManager() as c:
         print 3/0



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