[wingide-users] debug mode under ubuntu 10.04 very slow

Nagarajan nagrajan at cyanoptics.com
Wed Jun 23 18:10:50 MDT 2010

On my Ubuntu 10.04 setup, Wing IDE 3.2.8-1 (rev 22296) slows down badly in
debug mode. It seems to be having lots of disk I/O which is the culprit (no
swap access).

iotop shows consistently high disk IO for the process below...
6517 be/4 rajan      41.12 M/s    0.00 B/s  ?unavailable?  python -OSE
/usr/lib/wingide3.2/bin/wing.py --squelch-output

The slowdown can be worked around by setting "Edit -> Preferences -> Files
-> Reloading -> External Check Freq" to a larger interval (I set it to 360).
I don't remember seeing this behavior in previous Wing releases from 2-3
weeks ago.
Mainly, the disk I/O hangs up the UI for a few seconds every time it
happens, where scrolling/editing starts to hiccup, and its very irritating.
When the interval is the default 5 secs, it makes the UI almost unusable.

I am wondering if you also see it or is the problem specific to my system...
It would be very useful to have such tasks in a separate thread from the UI.
(the IDE startup data scraping / indexing in the background is enormously
useful too)

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