[wingide-users] Expanding "Select Project File to Open" to include classes, methods, etc.

Ken Kinder kkinder at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 13:00:41 MDT 2010

One of my favorite features in WingIDE is "Select Profile File to Open"
because it's so keyboard friendly and generally fast to move around in a
large project with.

I have an idea on how to improve it, however. If I type "__init__.py",
it finds all the __init__.py files in my project and lets me choose. If
I type, "mypackage/__init__.py", it finds that file.

What would be even more amazing is if it included classes and methods in
the list. So I could type "__init__.py:MyClass" and it would let me jump
right to that class. If I just type "someMethod", it would give a list
of modules and classes in the project with "someMethod" in them.

The way I see it, you already have all the data there in the Source
Browser. It's just that the Source Browser isn't very keyboard-friendly
and doesn't narrow down the list of completions based on what you're typing.

Right now what I do is use "Select Project File", then use the
mouse-driven menus at the top of the buffer to find what I need. The
latter is the slow part of the process of navigating around.

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