[wingide-users] wing import is very slow in debug mode

Jeremy Lewi jlewi at intellisis.com
Fri Jun 4 18:32:34 MDT 2010



I'm running wing in debug mode and it takes a long time to import all of the
modules at the start of the script I'm doing e.g my script looks like this


Import package

Print "done importing"


Wing is very slow getting to the print statement.


 I think this is very slow because wing is loading up and analyzing a whole
bunch of modules  in package which is bogging down the startup process. For
example, the little status bar says something like ~700 modules are loaded.
"package" refers to a python package in my workspace. 


"package" is large but probably not larger than numpy or scipy and yet
"import package" seems to be taking a lot longer than importing numpy.


I think it's a wing issue because I've tried issuing the same imports from
ipython and they happen pretty instantaneously so I think it's the
hooks/analysis that wing's import  is doing.


Any suggestions about how to speed things up?


I tried using wingdbstub.debugger.StartDebug() to start the program
externally and then break into it; this seemed to help but I'm wondering if
that is the best solution?





Jeremy Lewi

Engineering Scientist

The Intellisis Corporation

jlewi at intellisis.com


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