[wingide-users] Locking up on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

Paul McLanahan pmclanahan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 10:43:24 MDT 2010

It had been working fine, and I don't recall changing anything.
Yesterday it started locking up when I would restore or maximize a
window (or resize at all), but today it becomes unresponsive on
startup. It will display a maximized window, the title of which shows
the last project file I was working on, but no panels will load. After
that Ubuntu greys-out the window, wing pegs one of my procs to 100%,
and that's all it will do until I kill it.

If I move my ~/.wingide3 directory temporarily it seems to work fine.
So it appears to be something in my profile that is messing things up.
I'd really like not to have to set everything back up the way I want
it. Any ideas?

System Info:
Ubuntu Lucid (10.04)
System Python: 2.6.5
Wing Version: 3.2.7

I did have the 4.0 beta installed as well, but that was not a recent addition.


Paul McLanahan

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