[wingide-users] Suggested Feature for Search and Replace

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Tue Jun 1 09:17:06 MDT 2010

David Taylor wrote:
> In the Search and Replace Options list, it would be nice to have an 
> option ‘Ignore text in triple quotes and comments’. I tend to use full 
> words as variable names wherever possible for readability, and I also 
> tend to comment my code extensively. The result is that when I’m 
> searching on or changing a variable name or a text value, I sometimes 
> get as many hits in my comments as I do in the code, and I have to 
> keep cycling through to make sure I’ve caught all & only the hits in 
> the code.

Yes, we hope to add a way to filter by context (code, string, comment, 
etc) in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

> BTW, I’m sure you are aware that, at least under Windows, pop-ups in 
> the lower-right corner such as the S&R Options list often fall off the 
> screen & require that I move Wing over to the left so I can see them. 
> And I’m sure that’s on your list for the GTK update...

Yes, the GTK update may help with this. Note also that some menus that 
do this will actually pop up correctly the 2nd+ time. I'm not certain if 
that's true in this case, however.



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