[wingide-users] Re: Debugging internally started python processes

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Jul 22 20:14:14 MDT 2010

Edward Diener wrote:
> I tried this with WingIDE open twice but the debugger in my second 
> instance never stops at a breakpoint or gives any indication of being 
> in debugger mode. Yet the script which I am trying to debug in the 
> second instance of the Wing IDE must be executing since I see a 
> wingdbstub.pyc in the directory of the script from the 'import 
> wingdbstub' line I have placed at the beginning of the script.
> Any ideas of how I can proceed to determine why Wing is not debugging 
> the second script in its own instance of the Wing IDE ?

You could set kLogFile in the copy of wingdbstub.py and send us that 
output.  Also, hover the mouse over bug icon in the lower left of the 
window for the second instance of Wing IDE and verify that it says "no 
debug process / listening for connections" as part of the status message 
that is displayed in tooltip.

If you haven't gotten wingdbstub.py working yet, you may want to start 
with the simpler case of just launching one process.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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