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Thu Jul 22 15:46:16 MDT 2010


Thanks for the feedback.  This is useful.  Here are some comments where 
I had some:

Ilya Murav'jov wrote:
> 1. Command "Debug All Tests" don't debug all tests if not all test files
> reside in one directory (I use nose tests). More concretely, if I have a
> test file in root directory, the command debugs only it somehow.

Thanks for letting us know.  You may be able to work around this by 
right clicking in the Testing tool, doing Select All, and then doing 
Debug Tests in that menu.

> 2. In non-English (Russian) keyboard layout hot keys Ctrl-Z/C/X/S...
> do not work (Undo/Copy/Cut/Save/...).

Can you bring up the Keyboard / Custom Key Bindings preference and 
insert a binding and in the Key field press Ctrl-Z and see what is shown 
there?  You can email the result to support at wingware.com.

> 3. While debugging with "Debug All Tests" unnecessary XML markup is
> printed in "Debug I/O" toolbar

Yes, we should turn off the XML wrapping of output when debugging...

> 4. No readline support (with "import readline") if I force to use
> external consoles. If I don't use "Use External Console" there is no
> full readline support (history of commands works, but autocompletion not).

This may be hard to fix since our Debug I/O tool isn't a full-featured 
terminal implementation.  I'll make a note of it, however.

>  Wishes/Requests.
> 1. I like to put project files (.wpr) in subdir of package, not in the
> root dir. So I need to set custom "Project Home Directory"
> (Project->Properties->Options), but:
> - the setting doesn't accept relative paths like '..', only absolute
> ones; on the contrary, it force it to as '/home' somehow (if you save it
> and open again)
> - I would like that the setting Project->Properties->Debug->Initial
> Directory have explicit radio button like "As Project Home Directory" or
> permit relative paths for Custom too

Wing should be saving these as partial paths relative to the project 
file location, even if they are displayed as full paths on the GUI.  If 
this isn't working for you, please let me know.

> 2. Feature request: History of Clipboard Use (with Ctrl-C). I use such
> functionality extensively in SlickEdit and find it very useful. I think
> this picture shows what I mean: http://imagebin.ca/view/euCAqHb.html

We'll try to add this.  VI mode has registers for storing text, which is 
close, but I think I like the idea of history better than having to 
specify different registers.

> 3. I use "Search in Files" extensively and would like that options Case
> Sensitive, Whole words and Regex Search be visible immediately, without
> opening Option' menu-button (I can see enough room for them on the
> toolbar :) ). And yes, I know about hot keys like "Alt+O, C", but if
> I need to set several checkbuttons I have to press Alt+O again and
> again, and see what button to press (C,T,R...).
> 4. Source Assistant cant calculate type of variable for Python "with"
> statement. Obviously, it should see to corresponding "yield" command.
> 5. Make it possible to turn off coloring for some buildin Python
> functions, like sum, abs, len, min, max, set and so on. They are
> classified as word2 in Syntax Formatting; more base objects like True,
> False, None, type, int... are classified as word2 too. I would like to
> see the formers as black and the seconds as colored => can you create
> new group like word3 for it?

The Python lexer only has two keywords lists so it's a question of 
modifying the lexer to accept more.  What Wing does reflects what is a 
builtin vs. a keyword in the Python language implementation (or should, 

> Anyway, Wing is very good program, thank you. :)
> Another question: here
> (http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide/3.2.9/source) you assert that
> someone can get the Wing source code, under non-disclosure agreement.
> Does it mean I could fix some bugs and requests myself (and suggest
> patches back to you)?

Yes, you can certainly try to fix bugs and we do accept patches with 
your permission to incorporate it into all future versions of Wing.

Thanks for the feedback!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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