[wingide-users] some requests for Wing

Mark Jones mdjones0978-wingide at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 22 11:18:53 MDT 2010

2. Feature request: History of Clipboard Use (with Ctrl-C). I use such

functionality extensively in SlickEdit and find it very useful. I think
this picture shows what I mean: http://imagebin.ca/view/euCAqHb.html

+++ for this one for me too.

3. I use "Search in Files" extensively and would like that options Case
Sensitive, Whole words and Regex Search be visible immediately, without
opening Option' menu-button (I can see enough room for them on the
toolbar :) ). And yes, I know about hot keys like "Alt+O, C", but if
I need to set several checkbuttons I have to press Alt+O again and
again, and see what button to press (C,T,R...).

I think a dialog might make more sense for this than a tabbed toolbar, you would 
get more room for the options
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